Contact Prayers (Salat)

When Abraham implored God in 14:40, he did not ask for wealth or health; the gift he implored for was: "Please God, make me one who observes the contact prayers (Salat)." The five daily contact prayers are the main meals for the soul. While a soul may attain some growth and development by leading a righteous life, and without observing the contact prayers, this would be like surviving on snacks without regular meals.

Introduction to the Contact Prayers

  1. Religious Duties: A Gift From God: The Contact Prayers (Salat)
  2. How to Perform the Contact Prayers (includes video clips showing how to perform the Contact Prayers, and audio clips to help learn pronounce The Key (Al-Fatehah) in Arabic)
  3. The Dawn Prayer: Your Indicator
  4. Why Al-Faatehah Must be Recited in Arabic

Online Videos

  1. View a video explanation on The Contact Prayers (Salat)
  2. Principles of Friday Prayer (Video)
  3. Friday Congregational Prayer Sermons presented by Dr Khalifa

Articles on Contact Prayers

  1. Making up missed Contact Prayers (Salat), the answer from Quran
  2. Importance of Praying the Contact Prayers at the Five Times Specified by God
  3. Prayers beyond the five contact prayers
  4. Do not say "Ameen" in your Salat
  5. Can we do extra steps for the ablution (beyond the 4 steps decreed in Quran 5:6)?
  6. Reverence during Contact Prayers
  7. Did the Jews and Christians pray as Muslims do?!
  8. The Key (Al-Fatehah): The Opening Prayer for establishing contact with our Creator (and a comparison with the Lord's Prayer and Ha Patchah)
  9. Can women lead the Contact Prayer (Salat)?
  10. Why do we recite only "The Key" (Al-Fatehah) in the standing position of the Contact Prayers?
  11. Friday Congregational Prayer Sermons from submitters around the world
  12. Direct Contact (book; includes how to pray and mathematical structure of Salat)
  13. From the USA, Qiblah (/ Qibla; direction faced during Contact Prayer) is South East
  14. How do I use my compass to find direction of prayer (Qiblah) from USA / Canada?
  15. Quran is the Source: How to show the practices of Islam (including Salat) from Quran
  16. Praying at traditional mosques (masjids) is prohibited. Where should submitters pray? Can they visit Mecca and worship at the Ka'bah?

Contact Prayer (Salat) calculators

  1. Download the Contact Prayer (Salat) calculator app.
    Or use the Online Contact Prayer Times Calculator which supports calculation for a single day or month at a time
  2. Contact Prayer Times for a range of days (also allows highlighting dawn and sunset for Fasting)
  3. Contact Prayer times calculator using map and coordinates
  4. If you would like the Contact Prayer times emailed to you, please send a message to with the subject line containing only your City (e.g., Phoenix AZ). Since it's automated please don't include any other data, e.g., "Peace").

Mathematical Proof confirming every aspect of the Contact Prayers

  1. Appendix 15: Awesome Mathematical Miracle confirms all the 5 Contact Prayers
  2. Miracle of Miracles: confirming The Key (Al Fãtehah) must be recited in Contact Prayers (Jan 1990 Submitters Perspective)
  3. Proof of confirmation of all Rak'aas of Salat (Jan 1990 Submitters Perspective)
  4. Proof confirming the 5 Daily Prayers, Numbers of Bowing (Ruku'), Prostrations (Sujood), and Tashahhud (Jan 1990 bonus Submitters Perspective)
  5. Additional proof the key must be recited in Arabic (Jan 1990 bonus Submitters Perspective)
  6. Mathematical Miracle confirms the Friday Prayer (Jan 1990 bonus Submitters Perspective)
  7. Mathematical Proofs about Contact Prayers including Adam praying with mathematically coded words (source: the book Direct Contact)
  8. Contact Prayers Divinely preserved: Mathematical proofs confirming number of Rakats prayed each day in Salat
  9. Further Mathematical proofs on Contact Prayers
  10. Proof confirming that the number of Allahu Akbars recited in each Azaan is 4.
  11. Direct Contact (book; includes how to pray and mathematical structure of Salat)