Quran app (beta)

The Android version is available from Android Play Store: Quran

The iOS version is available, God willing, at the Apple App Store: Quran

Get the windows PC version at: Quran explorer download page

Table of Contents

From the home screen you can:

  • Choose the sura (and verse) you want to read.
  • You can return to where you left off last.
  • You can search Quran.
  • You can jump to a random verse.
  • You can read the front matter (Proclamation, Glossary, Introduction) or the Appendices.

Choosing a sura / verse.

choose sura


enter sura verse

You can use the drop-down selector (default). to choose a sura and verse.

Or press the switch selector button. switch

This allows you to switch to directly entering the sura and verse (Please press "Read Quran" to jump to the entered verse).

Search Quran

search results

Enter your keywords and press either "Search verses" (Quran text only) or "Search All" (including footnotes, subtitles, appendices).

Press the Search options to choose options including case sensitivity, whether you want a partial match (or only exact full words), whether the search terms should be treated as a phrase or individual keywords.

search options

Reading Quran: moving to next page

moving to next page

You can scroll up or down to move to next (or previous) verses.

Alternatively, you can enable the "tap" to move to next screen feature from the Settings menu (from the Home screen). Once you do so, when you're reading a sura, you can tap in the middle-left area of the screen (see blue box in image below) to move to the previous screen. Correspondingly, you can tap in the middle-right area of the screen (see orange box in image below) to move to the next screen. This allows for "one-hand" holding and reading, God willing. Another option is to swipe left or right (please see "settings" page to enable or disable this option).

Salat app

The Salat app is available on a separate page, God willing