Terrorism and Killing of Innocents Condemned

What does Submission (Islam in Arabic) say about Terrorism and Jihad?

  1. No Compulsion in Religion
  2. Quran forbids terrorism
  3. The Quran on wars & aggression (fighting is permitted only in self-defense)
  4. Terrorism Cannot be Justified by Any Religion of God
  5. Concept of Jihad, Resorting to War, Aggression and Oppression
  6. What does Jihad really mean?
  7. Terrorism has No Religion!
  8. Muhammad The Terrorist? (what did Muhammad really preach?)
  9. Terror Of Islam
  10. Is Islam spread by sword?
  11. True Islam: Religion: Religion of Peace, Justice and Freedom
  12. The Quran Speaks: Three Big Reasons "Radical Islam" Is "Anti-Islamic"

Abandoning the Quran, and following man-made laws (e.g., Hadith & Sunna): one reason for terrorism and misguided leaders

How does one combat terrorism using Quran?

Editorials disavowing terrorism and promoting peace and freedom of religion