Submission related Videos by Dr. Rashad Khalifa

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  1. The Contact Prayers - the principles of the Contact Prayer (Salat) including the meaning, history, and relevance of the most important form of worship in Submission (Islam).  Also contains a step-by-step tutorial for each prayer.

    Important Clarification about this video titled “Principles of Contact Prayers” by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.
    In this video, Dr. Rashad Khalifa refers to the Dawn (Fajr) Contact Prayer as The Morning or “Subh” Prayer. However, Dr. Khalifa later confirmed and preached that the prayer must be referred to as the Dawn or “Fajr” Prayer, because it is called “Fajr” in the Quran (24:58) and is performed at Dawn (before sunrise), not morning (which is the period after sunrise). See also: Religious Duties: A Gift from God.
  2. Essentials of Submission - Detailed explanation of the religious practices of Submission and their meaning.

    Important Clarification about this video titled “Essentials of Submission (Islam)” by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.
    In this video, Dr. Rashad Khalifa mentions that the Obligatory Charity (Zakat) is given once a year, calculated on the net worth of your possessions. However, Dr. Khalifa later confirmed and preached that the correct method of Zakat as per Quran (6:141), is to give it on the day you receive income (The Day of Harvest), calculated on your net income. See also: Religious Duties: A Gift from God.
  3. Evolution or Creation - The Final Argument. In this computer age, we have mathematical laws that tell us whether a certain event is probable or not. More information available on how Evolution is divinely controlled.
  4. The Great Debate (90 minutes) - Dr. Rashad Khalifa Vs. Dr. Abdel Rahman Salem. Topics include completeness of the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah, origin of Submission (Islam), and the corruption of religion.
  5. Mathematical Miracle of Quran (60 minutes). Introduction to the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran, the "Miracle of Miracles". More information on the Quran's proof of divine authorship our Mathematical Miracle of Quran page.
  6. Old Message, New Messenger - God’s message is renewed. Friday Sermon announcing Dr. Khalifa is Messenger of the Covenant. The Quran's miracle was unveiled after 1400 years, and Dr. Khalifa is named in the Quran as the person destined to discover it. Mathematical evidence is presented.
  7. Principles of Friday Prayer (60 min). An introduction to the Friday Prayer, as well as two separate Friday Prayers demonstrated by Dr. Rashad Khalifa.
    Friday Sermons:
  8. What Life Is All About - Gives us the answers to the most sought after questions, ranging from
    1) Why are we here? (See also: Why Were We Created?)
    2) How can we achieve perfect happiness?
    3) What is submission to God?
  9. Who is God - This program is based on a sermon by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. It discusses the greatness of God and why it is important to understand that to devote ourselves to God alone with no partners.
    (See also: Greatness of God)
  10. Witness A Miracle - Mathematical Miracle of the Quran (38 mins).
  11. World News Bulletin - Invitation to the world's religious leaders and their followers to join God's kingdom in the new era of religious unification (12 mins).
  12. King of Chaos - Video explaining the secret of perfect health, wealth, and happiness according to the Quran. Watching "Witness a Miracle" prior to this program is recommended.
  13. The Computer Speaks - A call to Universal Unity. The most significant event in history—recognizing that God is One, but the human factors (e.g., Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Buddha, Joseph Smith) cause division among people. A mathematically coded message from God brings the final solutions to all our problems (8 mins).
  14. In Defense of the Bible - This program will prove to you that the Bible is in fact the Word of God. Any contradictions you see in the Bible is the result of human interference and this program will prove that vast majority of the Bible is divine truth. The truth about Jesus.
  15. Arabic Language Lessons by Dr. Khalifa. Perfect for beginners.
  16. 1989 Conference Speech - Dr. Khalifa's concluding speech at the 1989 United Submitters International Conference.
  17. 1988 Conference Speech - Dr. Rashad Khalifa describes the fulfillment of the covenant (Quran 3:81) and related issues.


Quran appendices on video

Other Submission-related Videos

  1. Signature of the Creator - Introductory video explaining new physical evidence for the existence of God.  Introduces "the ultimate miracle" in the Quran. 27 minutes.
  2. How do we know the practices of Submission from Quran? When people begin to follow the religion of Submission (Islam), sometimes they ask where they can find the religious practices in the Quran, i.e., Salat (Contact Prayers), Zakat (Obligatory Charity), Fasting (Seyam), and Pilgrimage (Hajj).
  3. How to know the exact dates of fasting for your city in Ramadan. Many Muslims decide their dates of fasting in Ramadan after sighting the new moon. This is an incorrect practice that goes against Quran and often makes Muslims get their fasting dates wrong.
  4. Sighting of moon not required to begin and end fasting in Ramadan. Many Muslims believe that sighting of the new moon is to required to begin or end fasting in Ramadan. This is an incorrect belief because the Quran does not say we need to physically see the moon.
  5. Quran is not a "Muslim Book" - presentation prepared to help people around the world know that the Quran is God’s consolidated message for all people, independent of anyone’s religious, cultural or geographical background.
    • Part I: The function of a religious scripture from God and why He sent many to the human race.
    • Part II: Why the Quran is not a Muslim Book.
    • Part III: The Quran’s role in the future of humankind and America’s participation in this process.
    • Part IV: How people of all religions can use the Quran’s information to achieve happiness in this life, followed by success in the Hereafter, without changing their religious identity. 

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