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  1. Submitters Perspective: April 2021: Ramadan: growing our souls, Ramadan a means to attain salvation
  2. Submitters Perspective: March 2021: Abuse of Scripture, Why Reject Hadith and Sunnah?
  3. Submitters Perspective: February 2021: Kindness in Tests, Racism, The Quran and the Bible, Letters from Prisoners
  4. Submitters Perspective: January 2021: Be Kind, How to treat one another, Parable of a king and his wives
  5. Submitters Perspective: December 2020: God is the Pardoner, Rewards and Punishments in the Hereafter
  6. Submitters Perspective: November 2020: Blessings, Everyday is Thanksgiving, Biology student (reflections), Blessings from God, give thanks
  7. Submitters Perspective: October 2020: Following Blindly, Sins
  8. Submitters Perspective: September 2020: Focus On Yourself, Feedback
  9. Terrorist murder of teacher in France goes against God, Quran and Submission
  10. Submitters Perspective August 2020: Become fit through Submission, Promises
  11. Submitters Perspective July 2020: Patience: a great attribute, Surviving the Pandemic: with pain there is gain, Independence Day
  12. Submitters Perspective June 2020: Listen, Listen--silent
  13. Submitters Perspective May 2020: COVID19, a test, an opportunity, Reframe our Response
  14. Submitters Perspective April 2020: April, Responsibility, Praise be to God
  15. Submitters Perspective March 2020: Human Traits—Know Yourself, Round-trip Journey of our Soul
  16. Submitters Perspective February 2020: Happiness, Road to Happiness: seek to please God, Quran on Happiness
  17. Submitters Perspective January 2020: Who is God, Quran: Today and Always,
  18. Submitters Perspective December 2019: A Misunderstanding of “Only Begotten Son”?, Winter Solstice, My Letter to GOD.
  19. Submitters Perspective November 2019: Hold Fast to GOD, Illusions.
  20. Submitters Perspective October 2019: The Contact Prayers (Salat), Conference Report 2019.
  21. Submitters Perspective September 2019: Do the Right Thing, Only dead fish go with the flow, Letters from Prisoners.
  22. Submitters Perspective August 2019: God guides, How Blessed We Are.
  23. Submitters Perspective July 2019: Striving, The Gift of Nature.
  24. Submitters Perspective June 2019: Tests, The Opening Act.
  25. Submitters Perspective May 2019: Joy, Mindfulness and Being Present in GOD’s Blessings, Happiness, Be Happy, Conference 2019
  26. Those who commit acts of Terrorism are NOT Muslims
  27. Submitters Perspective April 2019: The Blessings of Ramadan: Gifts from God, Gardens of Thoughts, All Praise and Glory Belongs to God alone , Conference 2019
  28. Submitters Perspective March 2019: What is EGO?, Reflections on Night and Day, Reflections from a prisoner, Ramadan 2019
  29. Submitters Perspective February 2019: Be Appreciative, Worship GOD alone
  30. Submitters Perspective January 2019: Life After Death, Fine-tuning our Submission
  31. Submitters Perspective December 2018: Submitters, Quran and the 12 Steps, Comparing with Others Truth
  32. Submitters Perspective November 2018: Tools of the Devil, Tools in Our Toolbox, Response from a Submitter on the 12-Step articles
  33. Submitters Perspective October 2018: Self-righteousness (continued), Quran and Steps 9 & 10 of the 12 Steps Verses on Wind: God's wondrous sign
  34. Submitters Perspective September 2018: Self-righteousness, Letters from Prisoners Conference Report
  35. Submitters Perspective August 2018: Appreciating God, Quran and Steps 7 & 8 of the 12 Steps, Letter from Readers, Psalms and the Quran
  36. Beyond Probability: God's message in mathematics, Series 2: The Opening Chapter of the Quran. Sura 1: The Key (Al-Fãtehah)
  37. Contact Prayers (Salat) times calculation app for Android or iOS (or calculate Contact Prayer (Salat) times online)
  38. Submitters Perspective July 2018: Submission (Islam): Keeping it simple and how I explain it to others, Fulfilling our obligations, The reminder reminds the reminder
  39. Quran app available for Android, iOS, Windows (read and search the authorized English version of the Quran)
  40. Activities / games for the Youth and Young at heart (Quran quizzes, puzzle)
  41. SSL / https enabled on our website, God willing your browsing is private and encrypted
  42. New contribution: Selected attributes of God from Quran (sortable). See also our section titled: God.
  43. Submitters Perspective June 2018: Freedom From Prison For You And Me, Quran and Steps 5 & 6 of the 12 Steps
  44. Submitters Perspective May 2018: Ramadan, With Pain There Is Gain, Ramadan (second article), Alcoholics Anonymous & Submission
  45. Ramadan 2018 dates and information
  46. Submitters Perspective April 2018: Opportunities to Remember God, Habits, part 2, The Importance of Meditation
  47. Submitters Perspective March 2018: Habits, part one, Quran and Steps 3 & 4 of the 12 Steps, Verses on God's wondrous signs: The Sky
  48. Submitters Perspective February 2018: How to interact in non-violent debates, Quran and the 12 Steps, Index to 2017 Submitters Perspective Articles
  49. Submitters Perspective January 2018: Live Your Life According To Quran, Abraham's Prayers, New Year’s High
  50. Submitters Perspective December 2017: Goals and Priorities, Charity Water, A Cause to Pause
  51. Submitters Perspective November 2017: Giving Thanks, An Attitude of Gratitude, Giving Thanks Verses
  52. New York truck terror attack goes against teachings of Submission
  53. Submitters Perspective October 2017: Choices, Lessons from Travel, Time of Death Predetermined
  54. Submitters Perspective September 2017: Who Are We?, Hunger and appreciation, 2017 Conference Report
  55. Submitters Perspective August 2017: Justice, Weakness and Strength, Sura 74 and removal of 9:128-9 (mathematical confirmation)
  56. Submitters Perspective July 2017: Quran: The perfect source of knowledge, understanding and wisdom, Real Intelligence, Thanking God
  57. Submitters Perspective June 2017: 24 / 7, Letter from a Prisoner, Awe, Conference announcement
  58. Terrorist attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cameroon, United Kingdom, and worldwide are cowardly and go against God and the teachings of Islam
  59. Manchester Arena (UK) terror attack goes against the teachings of Quran and Islam (Submission to God). We stand with the people of UK and the world against terrorism.
  60. Submitters Perspective May 2017: Ramdan 2017 dates, Ramadan: A Perfect Time to Implore God, Loan of Righteousness, Brand Ambassadors, The Peacock and the Crow
  61. Submitters Perspective April 2017: The gift of Water, True Jihad, Ramadan 2017, Conference 2017 announcement
  62. Submitters Perspective March 2017: Trust in God, Commemorate God, God's gift: the tongue and sense of taste
  63. Westminster London terror attack goes against principles of Islam (Submission to God)
  64. Submitters Perspective February 2017: For a greater America, You can be President, God's Warnings
  65. Submitters Perspective January 2017: Steadfastly Persevere, Lessons from the Currency Invalidation in India, Reflections on the Demonetization Of The Indian Rupee
  66. Submitters Perspective December 2016: The Obligatory Charity (Zakat), Charity, Index to 2016 Submitters Perspective articles
  67. Submitters Perspective November 2016: Invited to Fall Prostrate, God’s Design of our Eyes, Marriage, What’s So Great About It?, A Special Place for God, Love
  68. Submitters Perspective October 2016: The Quran, The Quran on Quran, Appreciating God, Importance of Prayer
  69. Submitters Perspective September 2016: Lord, I Was Born a Gambling Man, 2016 Conference Report
  70. Submitters Perspective August 2016: Imploring God, You Alone We Ask for Help, The Quran Speaks, God’s Gift of Hair
  71. Submitters Perspective July 2016: Striving to please God, Criticism feeds the ego, Attitude of Gratitude
  72. The Normandy church attack: an evil act against Quranic teachings of freedom of religion
  73. The Nice attack goes against God's teachings in Submission (Islam). We stand with the people of France (and the world) against terrorism.
  74. Dhaka (Bangladesh) terror attack - against God's teachings in Quran
  75. Terror attack on Turkey's Istanbul airport: against teachings of Submission (Islam)
  76. Submitters Perspective for June 2016: Ramadan: thoughts by Submitters around the world, Ramadan 2016
  77. Condemnation of the Orlando Florida mass shooting
  78. Submitters Perspective for May 2016: Protection, Letter from a prisoner, How do you spell Success?
  79. Terrorism (murder, injury and oppression of innocents) is unIslamic and against Quran's teachings
  80. Brussels bombing terrorism: against the teachings of God in Quran
  81. Dalori Nigeria attacks by suspected Boko Haram militants goes against God's religion
  82. Submitters Perspective for December 2015: Has God abandoned our generation?, The Consistency of the Quran, The Quran on the Quran
  83. We join the people of France in condemning the Paris attacks
  84. Submitters Perspective for November 2015: There is More to Color than Meets the Eye, Right and Wrong, It's a Blessing to Receive
  85. Submitters Perspective for October 2015: We Will Deal with the Dividers, How to Be Close to God, An Experience
  86. Submitters Perspective for September 2015: Awareness, God is never unaware of anything, A poem of thanks and appreciation to God alone
  87. Lessons from the 2015 Hajj Disaster
  88. Speaking up against the Chattanooga shootings
  89. Submitters Perspective for August 2015: Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), Modern idol worship & how to avoid it, Submission destined to prevail
  90. Submitters Perspective for July 2015: Increase My Knowledge, Quran: healing for the brain, Evolution, Consolidating the gains of Ramadan
  91. Ramadan 2015 (dates and other information for USA / worldwide)
  92. Submitters Perspective for June 2015: Ramadan, Focus on Growing our Souls this Ramadan, Purity of Body and Soul, GOD gives you life
  93. Submitters Perspective for May 2015: Believers will be tested, "Exams" for the soul, Your Hearing, Eyesight and Brains
  94. Submitters Perspective for April 2015: The Body As An Allegory, Meditation: and the science behind it, Do not waver, April Fools
  95. Submitters Perspective for March 2015: Tools in our Toolbox, Best System of Economic Welfare, Complete Faith, Confidence And Total Trust In GOD
  96. ISIS disobeys God by kidnapping and murdering Christians
  97. Why we speak out against unrighteous behavior by so-called Muslims
  98. Submitters Perspective for February 2015: Love, Way of Life, Orphans
  99. Submitters Perspective for January 2015: Contact Prayers (Salat), Who Are We? , CAPA: Cultivating a Practice of Appreciation, Index to 2014 Submitters Perspective Articles
  100. Gross offense: terrorist murders (including Charlie Hebdo journalists and bystanders) in Paris, France
  101. Submitters Perspective for December 2014: Who Are Believers?, Tools of the Devil, Like Water and Mountain, Letter from a Prisoner, Contentment
  102. Submitters Perspective for November 2014: Giving Thanks, Giving thanks for Some of God's Provisions, A Cloud, Thanksgiving: Giving thanks to GOD
  103. Submitters Perspective for October 2014: Charity, Righteous Traits and how to increase them, Letter from a Submitter;
    September 2014 Steadfastness in Tests, Derailed, Quran: the source of Best Business Practices, Conference Report 2014
  104. ISIS beheading of Haines, Henning condemned
  105. Condemnation of ISIS murder of journalists Foley and Sotloff
  106. Submitters Perspective for August 2014: Who Guards the Planet? Jealousy, a disease ... , GOD's Fairness, Faith-worthy
  107. Condemnation of ISIS killing of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq
  108. Submitters' Conference 2014 speeches available
  109. Submitters Perspective for July 2014: Journeying Towards The Light, Thoughts on Submission to God, My Weight, Verses on God's wondrous signs: Light
  110. Submitters Perspective for June 2014: Honesty, Forest Fire, Be Thankful, From Scratch, The Greatest Triumph
  111. Submitters Perspective for May 2014: Behavior of a Submitter, Marvels of GOD, Praying for the Believers
  112. Condemnation of Sudan death sentence for apostasy
  113. Submitters Perspective for April 2014: Building Faith, Only God controls life and death, Marvels of GOD, God's Signs: Plants
  114. Submitters Perspective for March 2014: Submission for World Peace, Marvels of GOD, Kindness
  115. Nigeria abduction / kidnapping of school girls against Quran and Islam
  116. Ramadan 2014 begins June 28th (Friday) in USA
  117. Submitters Perspective for February 2014: Knowledge, Marvels of GOD
  118. Submitters Perspective for January 2014: Who is God and why should we seek Him? Heavenly Detox, Index to 2013 Submitters Perspective Articles
  119. Submitters Perspective for December 2013: The Self's Holy War, Religion of Islam (Submission): Truth vs. Conjecture, What is Idolatry?, Is this material to my Salvation?
  120. Submitters Perspective for November 2013: Warning, Mathematical View of Adam's Redemption and Sura Al-Fatehah, Thoughts
  121. Submitters Perspective for October 2013: Thanksgiving: Gratitude for challenges, Only the righteous works, To the second generation of Submitter (Muslim) parents
  122. Submitters Perspective for September 2013: Men in Islam, Conference 2013, Cause and Effect, Letters from Readers
  123. Charity Water Project: donate through Sep 30
  124. Submitters Perspective for August 2013: The Immeasurable Beauty of Belonging to God, Verses on God's wondrous signs: mountains, Fear, Letter from a Serviceman, My Lord is always near, responsive
  125. Submitters Perspective for July 2013: True Islam (Submission), GOD is our Advocate, By the Forenoon
  126. British terrorist attack: against the teachings of Submission to God (Islam)
  127. Condemning Boston marathon bombing attacks
  128. Submitters Perspective for April 2013: History of the Human Race, Experiencing Nature, Preparing for Ramzan
  129. Submitters Perspective for March 2013: Are you 'Muslim'? Do you follow 'Islam'?, Perhaps the Reminder will Benefit, GOD's Gift: Water
  130. Condemning attacks on Christian homes in Lahore, Pakistan
  131. Submitters Perspective for February 2013: Reverencing God, Verses on God's wondrous signs: Animals, Science vs. Religion, A "Christian" Hymn
  132. Submitters Perspective for January 2013: Triumph, Reverence during Contact Prayers, Towards Universal Unity
  133. Conference 2013: God willing August 16-18th
  134. Dr. Rashad Khalifa trial: judge sentences Glen Francis to 25-years-to-life
  135. Dr. Rashad Khalifa Martyrdom: Jury verdict reached in trial
    related: April 1990 Submitters Perspective, The Messenger of the Covenant is in Heaven with his Lord
  136. Pakistan mob grossly violates God's law by lynching man accused of desecrating Quran
  137. Submitters Perspective for December 2012: Striving to make God our priority, Letter from a prisoner: Hard times may be blessings in disguise, Do you have a reservation?
  138. Submitters Perspective for November 2012: Thanksgiving proclamation, Resurrection, The Earth, one of God's Marvels, Verses on God's wondrous signs: The Moon
  139. Submitters Perspective for October 2012: Contentment, Bearing Witness, A reader's comments,
  140. Submitters Perspective for September 2012: O you who Believe, What Do We Really Have at The End of the Journey?, Anecdote: Investigate, Examine, Verify
  141. Condemnation of US embassy/consulate attacks in Libya, Egypt and other countries
  142. Submitters Perspective for August 2012: Tests help develop our souls, Information on Ramadan, Conference Report 2012
  143. Submitters Perspective for July 2012: Our Real Family, Story of a young Submitter from Down Under,
  144. Ramadan 2012 begins July 20th (Friday)
  145. Submitters Perspective for June 2012: Thoughts on Submission to God : what does it really mean? , Psalms 62, Earth's movement around sun, God gives every creature what it needs
  146. Submitters Perspective for May 2012: Dangers of Humanizing God, The Obligatory Charity (Zakat), Question from submitter: How should I meditate, Free Quran (plus shipping)
  147. New section: Reader Questions on Submission
  148. Charity water: May God bless you for your generousity, charity collection goal exceeded by God's Grace!
    More details on the Charity Water Project Page

  149. New Quran translation by God's Grace: Quran translation in the Hausa language (Suras 1 - 19)
  150. Conference 2012 information is now available
  151. December 2011 Submitters Perspective: Gift of Conscience, Responsibility
  152. Ramadan 2012 dates : July 20 - August 17 (USA; please see Ramadan page for other countries and more details)
  153. November 2011 Submitters Perspective: What are we Thankful for, To read or not to read, Submission: Universal Religion
  154. October 2011 Submitters Perspective: Water, the Remarkable Camel, Reader's comments
  155. Online Quran search and browser for mobile devices
  156. Terrorism of September 11 (9/11) against God, His religion, and humanity
  157. September 2011 Submitters Perspective: Gambling: You can't lose if you don't play!,
    Intelligence, Who Are We?, God ALONE Worthy of Worship
  158. Quran Explorer 3.7 released
  159. Beheading a muslim who does not fast in Ramadan??
  160. August 2011 Submitters Perspective: Ramadan the month of fasting & feasting, Conference report, Comments from submitters , Comments from Submitters, part 2
  161. Contact Prayers: Mathematical Proofs from the book Direct Contact
  162. Contact Prayers: Mathematical Proofs Summarized
  163. Reading Quran for comprehension: suggestions from a submitter
  164. Calculate Gematrical Values (GV) of Quran verses
  165. Mathematical Miracle: Verify Simple Facts or verify Appendix 1 (One of the Great Miracles [74:35])
  166. Quran pages updated online: with count of GOD for each chapter (sura)
  167. Sighting of the Moon not required to begin Ramadan fasting
  168. Contact Prayer (Salat) timings calculator with Qiblah (direction of prayer)
  169. Add long series of numbers (and divide by 19) and Divide long numbers by 19
  170. Quran Word Search & Count (English), also Quran Search & Count Summary (summarized by sura)
  171. July 2011 Submitters Perspective (or PDF) online: Happiness, Prophet Muhammad was not illiterate
  172. View Conference 2011 presentations
  173. From USA and Canada Qiblah is Southeast
  174. Quran Explorer 3.4 released (July 2011)
  175. Quran translation in Hindi now online
  176. How to uproot Fundamentalist "Islamic" Terror
  177. Islam and Osama Bin Laden's death: When is capital punishment justified?
  178. April and May 2011 Submitters Perspectives published
  179. Conference 2011 announcement
  180. March 2011 Submitters Perspective online
  181. Listen to Recitation of Quran in English (Computer generated)
  182. Terrorists Blaspheme against God
  183. Commemorative songs (Dhikr) and Quran recitations now online
  184. View the January 2011 Submitters Perspective or the February 2011 Submitters Perspective
  185. Shooting of Pakistan governor for "blasphemy" is against God's laws in Quran!
  186. Ramadan 2011 information available
  187. December 2010 Submitters Perspective available
  188. Condemnation of attempted cargo bombs
  189. GOD: There is no other god beside Him
  190. Burning the Quran
  191. September and October 2010 Submitters Perspective available
  192. Quran Explorer (QE) 3 updated version now available
  193. QURAN: Visual Presentation of the Miracle can be read online (PDF)
  194. Quran Explorer (QE) 3.0 beta version now available, full release soon God willing
  195. New Tool: Random Quran Verse generator
  196. Weekly Reminder Archive in progress
  197. August 2010 Submitters Perspective now available
  198. Ramadan calculation assistant released
  199. Contact Prayers Time Calculator released; includes options for map-based selection of location
  200. July 2010 Submitters Perspective now available
  201. Friday Sermons available online
  202. June 2010 Submitters Perspective now available
  203. Quran explorer (QE) 2.3 released
  204. Property as an Idol: Lessons from human caused disasters
  205. Condemnation of attempted terrorist attack at Times Square
  206. Submitters Perspective: May 2010 now available online (PDF versions of the Submitters Perspective are available as well)
  207. Ramadan 2010
  208. Submission Weekly Reminder email feature launched
  209. Annual Submitters Conference 2010
  210. Condemnation of Ft. Hood killings
  211. Special Offer: Free Qurans!! (you pay only shipping & handling)
  212. Finding God in our lives
  213. Concept of Jihad, Resorting to War, Aggression and Oppression
  214. Is Allah God of Muslims Only?
  215. Misconceptions of Jesus as Savior
  216. One Message: One GOD
  217. Happiness is Submission to God
  218. Worshiping GOD Alone: Universal Faith
  219. Understanding Islam —an introductory booklet on Submission (Islam) now available
  220. Equality of Men and Women, and more…
  221. True Islam “Hijacked”
  222. Terrorism Has No Religion
  223. Let the World Know : Project to distribute Quran translations to libraries in the United States
  224. What have the Muslims done to Islam?
  225. Are Muslims Really Muslims?
  226. Oppressive Behavior and the Importance of God’s Guidance
  227. Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriages —a Scriptural Perspective
  228. True Passions of the Christ