Dhikr / Zikr: Commemorating and Remembering God

  1. Greatness of God
  2. Meditation on God
  3. Attributes of God
    1. Attributes of God from Quran (list format: Attributes of God)
    2. Selected Attributes of God from Quran
    3. Selected Names / Attributes of God from Quran
  4. Prayers from Quran
    1. Prayers from the Quran (article); Prayers from the Quran (based on newsletter article, only lists prayers)
    2. Selected prayers from the Quran (shorter compilation)
    3. Prayers from the Quran (longer compilation)
  5. Dhikr / Zikr (Commemoration of God)
    1. Night of Destiny Zikr (1988) with Dr. Khalifa
    2. Audio / Visual Dhikr complilation (various Submitters)
  6. Quran Recitation
    1. Quran recitation (English and Arabic: chanting)
    2. Quran recitation (English: computer generated)


[73:8] You shall commemorate the name of your Lord, to come ever closer and closer to Him.