Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who is Allah? Is Allah another word for God?

Purpose of our Lives

  1. Why Were We Created?


  1. Quran does not report number of units (rak'as) in any Contact Prayer (Salat), why?
  2. Is it Alright to Skip the Friday Prayers Once in a While?
  3. Why can't we make up missed Salat (Contact Prayers) or do them all together at one time?
  4. Why can't we do extra steps for the ablution?
  5. Why are there Disasters at Hajj so often? Are all your sins forgiven when you perform Hajj? Do people who die at Hajj go straight to Heaven?


  1. What Are the Dietary Prohibitions in Submission?
  2. Criminal Justice in Submission: does God really advocate Cutting Off the Thief's Hand or Stoning to Death in Quran? What is the Quranic view on Capital punishment?
  3. Does Islam permit Gambling, Lottery or Games of chance?


  1. Who Founded Submission (Islam)?
  2. Who Are Submitters and What is Submission?
  3. Who Are You? Which Sect Do You Belong To?
  4. Are Muslims Really Muslims?


  1. How to Combat Religious Fanaticism
  2. How do we Uproot Fundamentalist Terror?
  3. Illustrations of Prophet on Internet
  4. Is Islam spread by sword?
  5. Protecting our right to religious freedom ... are we doing better than previous generations?

Afterlife and death

  1. What is the Quranic view on Heaven and Hell?
  2. What Happens To Us When We Die?
  3. Death, or What happens to the righteous when they die?
  4. How do we perform the Funeral Prayer?


  1. Can you tell me more about the prophet Muhammad?
  2. Can we make Salawat on the Prophet Muhammad?
  3. Who is God's Messenger of the Covenant? Rashad Khalifa: summary of important facts and answers to frequently asked questions
  4. Who is Ezra (Uzair)?

More topics

  1. Why was the Quran Revealed in Arabic?
  2. Is it Predestination or Free Will?
  3. What Is The Age of Responsibility? Crucial Age of 40, The Age of Responsibility and bad behavior
  4. We use agents to get our work done in this world all the time, Why can there be No Intercession with God?
  5. What is the Smoke Prophecy in Sura 44?
  6. Why do Children Suffer? How can I give the message to someone who has suffered pain?