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  1. Read Online: Quran The Final Testament (Authorized English Version translated from the Original by Rashad Khalifa, PhD. Copyright © Rashad Khalifa) Two versions are available:
    (1) Quran (optimized for desktops / laptops)
    (2) Quran (for mobile devices) (alternative: Quran & Introduction/Appendices)
    Proclamation, Glossary, Introduction,
    Appendices for the Quran translation are also available.
    [Quran 16:98] When you read the Quran, you shall seek refuge in GOD from Satan the rejected.
  2. Download: Quran app on Android / iOS / Windows.
    Download QE: Excellent Windows-based Quran software with search facility.
    Or use the Quran Explorer online edition to read or search through Quran.
    Alternative Quran browse / search tool (low bandwidth; simple interface).
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    Search Quran : Mobile (for mobile and low-bandwidth connections)
  4. Quran Word Search & Count (English)
  5. Random Quran Verse (displays a randomly selected verse from Quran)
  6. Quran recitation
  7. The Computer Speaks: Recitation of Quran in English (computer generated)

Miracle of Quran

  1. Mathematical Miracle of Quran
  2. Two False Verses Removed from the Quran
  3. The Missing Basmalah
  4. Scientific miracles in Quran
  5. The Glorious Quran and the Number 57

About Quran

  1. Why was the Quran Revealed in Arabic?
  2. We Made the Quran Easy (54:17) ;
    Compare Dr Khalifa's Authorized English translation with other translations or read it side by side with the Arabic.
  3. Quran is All you Need for salvation
  4. Quran: unlike any other book
  5. Hadith & Sunna: Satanic Innovations
  6. In what Order were the Chapters of the Quran revealed? See tables: Chronological Sequence of Revelation of Chapters (i.e. sorted by revelation order), or Quran Chapters and the Chronological Sequence of Revelation (i.e. sorted by chapter)
  7. Two False Verses Removed from the Quran
  8. Muhammad Wrote God's Revelations With His Own Hand
  9. The Missing Basmalah
  10. The Key to Qur'an
  11. Quran All We Need

Other Articles

  1. Quran is not a "Muslim Book"
  2. The Treasure that is Quran
  3. Quran: Full Of Lessons 
  4. Why Do They Not Study The Quran Carefully? Part I, Part II
  5. Hold fast to the rope of God
  6. Following the Quran
  7. Quran: God's authentic message to the world
  8. A Dozen Reasons to Follow the Quran
  9. Standard for Islamic Unity
  10. The Guidebook
  11. Why do they not study the Quran carefully? (part I)
  12. Why do they not study the Quran carefully? (part II)
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  16. The treasure that is the Quran
  17. Top ten reasons why Muslims should turn to the Quran
  18. One GOD, One Source
  19. Sectarian Muslims cannot stand relying on the Quran alone
  20. Quran is all we Need
  21. Prayers from the Quran
  22. Tips for Effective Quran Study

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